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Special Addiction supplement on alcohol marketing released

January 12, 2017

Scientific journal Addiction has released a special supplement on alcohol marketing, The regulation of alcohol marketing: From research to public health policy.  The open access supplement has 4 systematic reviews, 3 research reports, 1 case study, 1 editorial and 5 “For Debate” pieces. It provides strong and compelling evidence for the need for action on alcohol advertising in Australia and internationally.

Key findings from the collection of peer-reviewed manuscripts include:

  • Exposure to alcohol marketing is associated with youth alcohol consumption
  • Analysis of alcohol promotion during the 2014 FIFA World Cup indicates alcohol marketing practices frequently violate industry voluntary codes of practice
  • Alcohol industry self-regulatory codes do not sufficiently protect children and adolescents from exposure to alcohol promotions, especially through the social media.

Key recommendations include:

  • The most effective response to alcohol marketing is likely to be a comprehensive ban on alcohol advertising, promotion and sponsorship.
  • Regulations should be statutory, and enforced by an appropriate public health agency of the local or national government, not by the alcohol industry.
  • Regulations should be independent of the alcohol industry, whose primary interest is growing its markets and maximizing profits.
  • A global agreement on the marketing of alcoholic beverages would support country efforts to move towards a comprehensive ban on alcohol advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

You can read related media on The Guardian Australia, The Guardian UK and AdNews.

You are encouraged to share this supplement with your networks, and promote the findings through social media. Hashtags for Twitter include #Alcohol #Marketing #Kids. The @AlcoholAdReview Twitter account will be promoting these findings.

As always, you can also take action by submitting complaints about concerning alcohol ads to the Alcohol Advertising Review Board. For more information, contact Hannah Pierce at the Alcohol Advertising Review Board –


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