2021 Cyril Jackson Breakfast

WAHPSA was fortunate to once again hold its annual network breakfast meeting on Wednesday 19 May, 2021 in conjunction with the Cyril Jackson Health Festival. With the support of Festival Coordinator, Deb Fitzsimons and under the guidance of talented Chef, Caroline Taylor, students from Cyril Jackson Senior Campus provided a beautiful sit-down breakfast to attendees.


Vice President of WAHPSA Amanda Ferguson acted as Master of Ceremonies and the breakfast session commenced with an Acknowledgment to Country followed by a welcome from Cyril Jackson Principal, Milton Butcher.  The audience were then privileged to hear from students Fuka Tadaka and Roya Hussaini (pre-recorded) on their experiences’ relocating to Australia and finding their niche at Cyril Jackson.

Edith Cowan University student, Nicole Vilaylack gave the audience an insight into the concept of zero food waste and what we need to do to get there. Sharelle Tulloh, Senior Policy Officer with the Department of Health’s Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus Program and Sue Dimitrijevich, Private Health Education Consultant brought the hot topic of sexual consent to the forefront and encouraged attendees to continue the conversation to support ongoing change.

Caroline Taylor outlined the 5000 meals program which enables students under the direction of chefs to utilise donated and surplus food to produce nutritious meals for those facing homelessness. Before the close of the session Amanda Ferguson invited the students who prepared the breakfast to the front to accept the audiences’ thanks. A number of the attendees then went on to hold stalls as part of the Cyril Jackson Health Festival which included stalls from 51 agencies and 600 students.

Thank you to Cyril Jackson for hosting WAHPSA (including the delicious breakfast) and to all those who presented and attended. The event was once again a brilliant opportunity for health promoting organisations to come together, reach a wide range of students and staff and support a whole of school approach to health and wellbeing.


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