The WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc (WAHPSA) is a not for profit, non-government entity which advocates and supports a whole school and community approach to health and wellbeing.


The Association achieves this through education, coordination and collaboration with school communities and health agencies. WAHPSA celebrated 30 years in 2019 and has become a valued resource for school communities and health agencies alike. 


Our Purpose

To assist schools in understanding and implementing the Health Promoting Schools Framework.

By helping schools define health in the context of their school and community, the health needs of school users can be more efficiently addressed. This in turn assists schools in achieving their educational and social goals.

Research shows that the school setting can make a substantial contribution to health and wellbeing. WAHPSA’s mission, vision and objectives are underpinned by The Health Promoting Schools Framework. The Framework outlines a whole school approach to health that strives to improve the health of all school community members.   

WAHPSA encourages and supports schools to adopt the Health Promoting Schools Framework into their school ethos. By informing and equipping schools with resources on how to implement the Health Promoting Schools Framework across the 3 main areas of Education, Environment and Partnerships; how to identify areas of improvement or opportunity; and how to reorient health services and agencies based on the schools’ needs, both schools and stakeholders are better able to meet their health promotion objectives.

For more on what a Health Promoting School looks like, visit What is a Health Promoting School?


Interested in becoming a member of WAHPSA? 

WAHPSA invites schools, students and health agencies to become a member of the Association. 

  • Are you a health agency? We can support you with the promotion of your organisation and much more. Full membership provides you with a summary of your organisation’s programs and activities on the WAHPSA website directory, promotion of resources and events on the WAHPA website and e-newsletter, the opportunity to provide updates and share information about your events at meetings and for dissemination to other members, reduced registration rates at WAHPSA events and  the opportunity to participate in professional meetings and network with other agencies. 
  • Are you a school or individual? We can engage with and support you to embed the Health Promoting Schools Framework into your school, with access to a plethora of resources and programs across our agency member directory in a variety of areas including food and nutrition, mental health, physical activity, health and safety and professional support. Become an associate member to have access to these benefits and more.  

Please see our membership page for more information. 








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