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Notice of WAHPSA special resolution and AGM

March 11, 2019

WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc invite members and friends to our Annual General Meeting, followed by our general meeting.


is convening a general meeting at which the following resolution will be proposed as special resolutions to alter the rules of the association.

Date: 27 March 2019

Time: AGM – 2:30 – 3:00pm

General meeting –  3:00 – 4:00pm

Location: Boardroom, Bendat Parent and Community Centre, 36 Dodd St Wembley 6014

RSVP: to by 22 March 2019


For an agenda, please visit our Meetings page or download here. We welcome all eligible members to nominate for a position on the Executive Committee. To nominate, complete the application form. For more information, please email our President at


Our general meeting will include a guest presentation from Andrew Higginbottom from the Department of Education who will present on classroom management techniques and content strategies to assist with delivering health education in schools or with young people.

The general meeting will include voting on the special resolution to alter the rules (see below).


Motion on Notice

Notice of special resolution to change rules in accordance with Associations Incorporations Act 2015


The WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc (WAHPSA) Constitution has been updated according to the Associations Incorporations Act 2015. The Executive Committee of WAHPSA has undertaken an extensive review of the current constitution in order to comply with the Model Rules provided by the new Act.


It is proposed to adopt the attached rules in place of all of the existing rules of the WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc.

The proposed new rules are available here.

The current Constitution (outgoing) is available here.

Key rule changes

  1. In order to improve the ability of WAHPSA to pursue its business the reviewed objects are more open ended and read:

The proposed objects of the Association are:

  • Promote collaboration between Health Promotion providers and engage organisations with the WA Health Promoting Schools Association.
  • Explore strategies for promoting and delivering evidence based health promotion information to schools and agencies.
  • Raise the profile of the WA Health Promoting Schools Association state-wide.
  • Ensure the sustainability of the WA Health Promoting Schools Association.
  • Raise the profile of and advocating for the Health Promoting Schools Framework.

2. In order to effectively meet the proposed objects, membership categories have been expanded.

The proposed membership categories are:

Ordinary members –

  • Ordinary Organisation Member: being those non-government associations, government services, societies, boards, schools at tertiary institutions, or any other bodies, incorporated or unincorporated, which qualify under the rules and have active engagement and interest in school health promotion.
  • Ordinary Individual Member: being those persons who do not represent an organisation or fit into the categories below, including industry based-consultant or health sector graduate which qualify under the rules and have active engagement and interest in school health promotion.

Associate members –

  • Schools including government, independent and catholic schools
  • Individuals including university students and school staff
  • Honorary Members

 Information for members

  • Proxy votes are allowed. To complete a proxy form, please follow the instructions on the WAHPSA proxy form.
  • Alterations to the rules can only be made if supported by 75% of eligible members voting at the meeting or by proxy.
  • Alterations to the rules only take effect when lodged with the Commissioner for Consumer Protection.


Leisha Aberle

President WA Health Promoting Schools Association

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