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RAC Road Ready®: On the Roads Program (secondary schools)

RAC’s free road safety education program for year 10 – 12 students includes a series of in-class presentations, online resources and road safety events that are designed to influence risk reduction, increase resilience, and encourage responsible behaviour on the roads. The program aims to educate the next generation of drivers on how to stay safe as a passenger or driver on the roads.
RAC bstreetsmart (Metro Perth) and RAC Project Road Smart® (Regional WA) are free road safety events for years 10 – 12 that educate students about the consequences of distracted driving, speeding and drink driving. Students will experience a recreation of a crash scene delivered through a live re-enactment or filmed docudrama and hear from guest speakers who have been directly impacted by road trauma. The event informs students on how to reduce risk taking behaviours as a driver and a passenger.

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