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Commissioner for Children and Young People Mentally Healthy Education Award

August 15, 2021

Mental health continues to be a critical issue for many WA children and young people.

A substantial number of students in my Speaking Out Survey reported poor life satisfaction, low self-esteem, high stress levels and feeling they can’t cope with life’s challenges.

This year I am sponsoring the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Mentally Healthy Education Award, which will recognise the work of schools in encouraging good mental health for their students, staff and volunteers.

The Award is part of the 2021 WA Mental Health Awards, hosted by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health with support from the Mental Health Commission.

It is my hope that the Award will celebrate outstanding contributions to the mental health of children and young people in WA and inspire schools to strive for excellence.

The winner will be announced during Mental Health Week in October 2021 with the overall winner being announced in late November.

I would greatly appreciate if you could please help spread the word about this award and encourage primary and high schools you know of to nominate. Nominations are now open and will close on 25 August 2021.

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