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Physical Activity

Better Health Program


Funded by the WA and Australian governments, the Better Health Program is a free, family-based program for kids aged 7-13years to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Talking with parents about children’s weight


A free online professional development course for health and community professionals working with families in WA, funded by the WA and Australian governments.

Take the Challenge teacher resources

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Take the Challenge teacher resources target four key messages: 1. be more active, 2. drink water and 3. eat healthy food to 4. beat disease.

Click to access: Introduction, Early Childhood Module, Middle Childhood Module, Early Adolescence Module and Appendices.

Kitchen Garden Classroom


The Kitchen Garden classroom developed by Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF) offers ELC, Primary and secondary schools the opportunity to engage in curriculum based hands on learning.

TravelSmart to School


Grow an active community and join a network of people like you who are sharing tips and tricks on how to motivate students to get active and create healthy habits for life. Plus, have a heap of fun and earn great rewards while you’re at it!

Starting over 20 years ago as TravelSmart and evolving and growing into Your Move, our schools program is all about encouraging kids to walk, ride their bike or scoot to school, and creating healthier, happier kids while reducing congestion around schools. Our passionate community of school champions are helping to teach their students positive behaviours around active transport that they can continue throughout their entire lives.

Schools signed up to Your Move receive support and information to help them organise engaging activities like classroom lesson plans that are aligned to the WA school curriculum, fun event days, or behind-the-scenes stuff like improving a school’s bike and scooter parking.

 As schools complete these activities they earn points for their school that can be redeemed for a great range of items in our online shop like bike education sessions, t-shirts, helmets and other great rewards.

Get involved today and be inspired by others at www.yourmove.org.au

Health Promoting Schools Grant Scheme


In support of the increasing emphasis on health promotion in schools, Healthway is offering grants of up to $2,500 to Western Australian school communities through the Health Promoting Schools Grant Scheme. This is an initiative from Healthway to support schools to develop projects that promote the health of their students through activities aligned with the Health Promoting Schools (HPS) Framework.

Schools are encouraged to undertake activities that promote one of the priority health areas; mental health, nutrition or physical activity. All schools throughout Western Australia are eligible to apply and there are no closing dates. Applications are particularly encouraged from schools in rural and remote areas and those with high numbers of Indigenous students.

Fitness & Skill Testing with full electronic reporting

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Baseline testing and reporting with National comparisons including full individual electronic reports for students and families.
Currently the largest database in the world with over 40,000 students, with high reliability and validity.
From the testing Sports Challenge in partnership with schools will develop Daily PE sessions, PE and sport programs for
students aged 5 years to 17 years.
Professional Development and training is available for staff and community stakeholders.



Tools for Teachers

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Evidence-based Brain Breaks in the Classroom.

This two, four or six hour workshop will empower you with basic principles, tools, and practice teaching experiences to integrate short 3-15 minute chair yoga breaks with children or teens. You will learn chair yoga tools to promote health, learning, and achievement.

Through interactive practice teaching and feedback activities, you will gain confidence in identifying challenging times during your child’s or teen’s day and successfully utilising yoga tools to shift them into a more positive state of mind. You will graduate from this workshop with the understanding and confidence to share chair yoga tools with the children or teens in your life.

Wellbeing for Schools – Yoga and Mindfulness.


Unique wellbeing programs customised to your school needs and budget. Yoga classes and mindfulness activities are facilitated by a YOGA Ed. certified teacher and can be held during school hours, as part of a before/after school program or as part of an enrichment program.

Our evidence based in-school yoga can be curriculum aligned and integrated as part of e.g. Health Education, Physical Education, Science, Geography/History and Literacy. Term programs can also address overall vision goals of schools, such as resilience, social emotional learning, community, academic performance/focus and more.

Each class includes: yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, stretching/strengthening, mindful movement, discussion/reflection and mindful art (tbd).

Community Nutrition Education Programs

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Spotscreen recognises the vital role of schools as leaders in the promotion of healthy eating and active living. Working alongside school policies and standards Spotscreen has developed nutrition education programs including school cooking classes, nutrition seminars and workshops for parents and children.


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