WAHPSA membership

Download the WAHPSA membership flyer and application form here.

The WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc (WAHPSA) is comprised of organisations and individuals working in and committed to the development of school health promotion.  Many are teachers, some work in dedicated health promotion roles in schools or community settings, whilst others work in policy and research in the health education sectors. What we share is a commitment to the Health Promoting Schools (HPS) ethos.

Membership of the Association shall be open on application to:

(i) “Financial Member” being those non government associations, government departments, societies, boards, tertiary institutions or other bodies, incorporated or unincorporated, which have active engagement and interest in school health promotion. Annual membership fee of $80 applies ($150 for 2 years). Memberships are renewed on 1 April each year. No pro rata memberships are available.

(ii) “Observer Member” being any body, incorporated or unincorporated, including any school, individual or tertiary student and not being a Financial Member. Observer members are not required to pay an annual membership fee. Observer Members are not entitled to vote at general meetings of the Association.

Benefits of membership

Full membership provides you/your organisation with:

  • a summary of your organisations HPS activities on the WAHPSA website under the dedicated ‘Health Areas’ page
  • organisational updates, events and news items featured on the WAHPSA website
  • the opportunity to provide updates and share information about your organisation/school events at meetings and for dissemination to other members
  • reduced registration rates at WAHPSA events including Professional Development opportunities
  • the opportunity to participate in professional meetings and to provide input into topics chosen to discuss at each meeting
  • the right to vote (financial members only) and hold office in WAHPSA
  • the opportunity to connect, network and partner with other individuals and organisations
  • access to up to date Health Promotion information regardless of attendance at meetings

Observer membership provides you/your school with:

  • resources to assist in developing school policies that encompass all areas of the Health Promoting Schools Framework
  • your school’s health events and case study can be featured on the WAHPSA website
  • the opportunities to connect, network and partner with other individuals and organisations
  • improved access to relevant, up-to-date health promotion info and resources
  • access to a range of organisations who work with schools throughout WA across a range of health promotion areas

Memberships are valid for 12 months from 1 April annually.


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